About us & Sustentability



    I grew up in a family where leather has been a synonym of passion for almost 100 years. Since my childhood, I can remember me walking with my grandfather through our family tanner firm and stopping to look closer and touch the leather products. Thus, I have always had an innate affection for this material and in every proposed piece my ambition is to make you feel the same emotion I prove for it and embrace the exclusiveness given by decades of expertise and innovative touch.

    All our bags are completely made in sustainable leather, with an intention to match the glamour and the quality of the product, and the respect for the environment. Indeed, DelfinaGue uses sustainable leather from Argentina and Italy, certified by the Leatherworking Group, which are sourced from dead stocks: upcycling is important to us.

    Our mission is to offer our clients high-quality products that can last ages with the lowest environmental impact. 

    To help us do so, our suggestion is to take care of the leather, a very noble material but at the same time delicate.

    So the question on every leather lover's mind is, how exactly do you maintain this type of fabric and preserve that glam look?

    • Do not expose your bag to extreme sunlight because this may affect your bag's color tonality
    • Avoid contact with water, alcohol, and solve based products
    • When you are not using your bag, stuff it with paper so it can perfectly maintain the structure
    • Do a quick cleaning every other day, briskly sweeping your leather bag with a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth

    If you need help with any other inquiry that could happen to your handbag please contact us we are here to help hello@delfinague.com